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WS K88
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Feb 24, 2008

Final Gathering to End Year of the Rat Celebrations

We finally gathered to another "Feuerzangenbowle" to end this seasons Chinese New Year celebrations. It also marks the end of our "cold" Singapore winter. So for the next parties it has to be cooling drinks like Sangria or Margarita's besides Erdinger or Tiger beer.
Uncle Claus, "the master of ceremony" did his best again to please us with a warming and delicious hot Feuerzangenbowle. He's so good at it that rumors have it that for his chemistry doctorate he researched and wrote the thesis about best formulas and ingredients for this specific drink.
Here are some impressions of the night:
Dr. (Hexenmeister/Wizard) Claus: Master of Ceremony
Dr. Claus and Zauberlehrling/wizard's apprentice Herbert
Claus, Elfie and Herbert Q
Wuerstelstand ("Patent Pending") Attorney Martin, Herbert, Judith closely watching Claus's ceremony.

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