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Jan 12, 2008

Feuerzangenbowlenparty in Singapore

Not too long ago in an airy night at Erich's we suddenly were kind of feeling a very cool breeze around the Wuerstelstand. It was so bad that some of us even got goose bumps! Can you imagine, in usually hot Singapore. Well, anyway it was winter time in the northern hemisphere, we saw reports of snowstorms in the US and elsewhere so the right time to feel cold, isn't it. The temperature were really low at about 25 deg at night!

So we came up with the glorious idea that it was about time to organise a Gluehwein- or Feuerzangenbowle-Party (hot wine with sugar, rum, oranges, cinamon and cloves. A polpular drink during cold winter month and freezing temperatures)!!!!!! Astonished? Why? We have regular snow storms during Xmas light up, a snow city with a 60m downhill slope and an ice scating rink. So why not a Gluehwein party?

Uncle Claus our nutty "Professor Bunsenbrenner" claimed to have all the necessary tools (sure you keep such things in Singapore for winter nights??). So Feuerzangenbowle it was. The name translates literally as "Fire Pliers Punch". It is a German alcoholic drink, sometimes part of the Christmas and New Year's tradition. The drink is prepared in a bowl, similar to a fondue set, which usually is suspended over a small fuel burner. The bowl is filled with heated red wine, and occasionally orange juice and/or spices similar to those used in ordinary mulled wine.
The "Feuerzange" is a metal holder for the "Zuckerhut" (sugarloaf), a large conical mass of sugar around seven inches long, which is placed above the bowl. The sugar is soaked in rum and set alight, and rum is continually added with a ladle until all the sugar has melted and mixed with the wine. The rum must have a strength of at least 54% alcohol (per volume), as it would otherwise not burn properly. The resulting drink is then served in mugs, in the same way as Glühwein, and the burner keeps the bowl warm until it is emptied.
Dr. Bunsenbrenner professionally pouring Rum over the sugar
So here we go. See some of the party impressions:Watch the curious crowd in the background! "What are the crazy Ang Moh's doing there? Unbelieveable!"Papparazi hanging hanging around the Wuerstelstand to capture the action and to get the best shots.

The fire is on!Party crowd Claus smiling, Roberto biting his lips? What's going on? There are rumors though.........................
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