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WS K88
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May 23, 2007

COW BELL - Kuhglocke, Almglocke

Sometimes when you're enjoying your Bratwurst Erich suddenly starts an ear deafening noise with his cowbell! Wuerstelstand visitors and passers-by turn their heads to find out what's going on.
Actually only 2 reasons can cause this fuss:
1. An Austrian has arrived at the Wuerstelstand (that was the main idea behind Erich starting it)
2. Singapore tourists passing on trishaw tours (Erich wants to welcome them in Chinatown)

You also have to pay attention to the intensity of the ringing because there are different "noise" levels.

The loudest of course for Austrians, then there is a more gentle ring for "half" Austrians being spouses (not of Austrian origin) of Austrians or "adopted" (by Erich) Austrians.

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